Giving you the opportunity to change internally what you See, Hear and Say.

Would you like?

  • To move from Monkey chatter to Wise Monkey.
  • To See your thoughts with clarity
  • To Hear positive self-dialog
  • To Say you are living the life that you truly want

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“Thank you Simon very much. ¬†From the first session I felt at ease and could openly discuss everything with you. You were very patient with me, I am not an easy person to please or convince but at a very tricky point in my life you helped me see clearly. I have been treading the same pattern for so long it was firmly ingrained but deep in my heart I knew a change was needed. The tools you have taught me are invaluable, how to confront the jumble in my head and then how to unjumble. Most importantly I have learnt not to put so much pressure on myself and to slow down, to be patient and listen to my heart not just my head.” Maddie M